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                                             Barry Equality Field Equation

                         Welcome to the Barry Equality Field Equation new website. I would like to begin by saying the Barry Equality Field Equation work listed has been Published and Copyrighted also Barry Equality Field Equation is a service mark of Washington State.

                          The Equation took over 10 years to develop and combines Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Sciences. I will be adding some new content to this site in the near future. The Equation is based on Intelligent Design-God if this does not appeal to you I would suggest going to other sites where you can research Einsteins Theory of Relativity, Big Bang, Evolution. this maybe a better option for you.

                        My future plans for the Barry Equality Field Equation is to obtain some Design Patents, possible Certification mark or National Trademark because it has been in use for over 10 years.

                       After two years, I have created some new works that updates the Barry Equality Field equation Utilizing M String Theory and the 6th and 7th Dimension. As of 07/12/2023, I have been approved for my 117th copyright. The article is named "The Theory of Non Relativity". Please click button below. This website has been updated with a custom search engine 09/04/2023. Please stop removing my copyrights off my website without my permission.I now have a link to "The Theory of Non Relativity" because the button was missing for quality assurance also restored on 10/01/2023.

1). Barry Equality Field Equation and M String Theory 6th Dimension

2). Barry Equality Field Equation and M String Theory 7th Dimension   

3). The Theory of Non Relativity

4). Theory of Non Singularity

5). Barry Equality Field Equation Fabric Space time Network Topology Design Model 1-A

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